8 Reasons Why You 

Should Attend:

Liberty Church of Charlotte



With a dedicated staff at Liberty Church, we provide a foundational teaching from the WORD OF GOD.  Three million children today recieve absolutely no religious training and we at Liberty Church would like to change that.  We have classes for all ages and an exciting program awaits everyone who walks through the door.



You will have ties to an established church where you may worship and grow in GOD.



The Pastor will be glad to guide you though GOD'S WORD to help you through situations in life.  All meetings will be held in strict confidence between Pastor and person(s) involved at no charge.  A Pastor who is available to you at anytime to help with weddings, funerals, dedications or any special occasion.



You will become part of a family of Christian friends who really care and will respond to your needs.  You will meet people who are anxious to share your concerns and pray for you, where you can come and feel free to worship and attend any service.



The Scripture tells us "Pray one for another."  Anyone having a special need may call the church for prayer day or night  and someone will be available to help pray for the need.  Prayer does change things!



In the privacy of your own home, you may enjoy a thrilling journey through the world's number one best seller------YOUR BIBLE!  This study is without cost or obligation.  For more information, please call Pastor Colegrove.



Satisfaction of mind in knowing you have made a step in the right direction.  Peace of mind, contentment, and a clear conscience are part of the benefit in beginning greater things.



Liberty Church of Charlotte is a church with a vision of the future.  Our desires are that everyone will come and yield themselves to the GOSPEL.  YOU ARE INVITED!  

About Us

For the past fifteen years, Pastor John Colegrove and his wife Bernice have been saving every nickel and dime in hopes of an opportunity to purchase a building for Liberty Church would arise. The two have built a ministry in Charlotte while using space at the local VFW post.

In October 2010, opportunity came knocking and the availability of a church on the corner of Lovett and Washington streets.  Between savings and an interest free loan, the church secured the church-in-a-day program.  Liberty Church was able to purchase the building and has begun to renovate with plans to move the ministry by the end of the month.

"We've been saving all we can for a day, a day such as this one, when God would open a door for us to get our own place of worship." Pastor Colegrove said. "I personally feel this is our time to move forward, and see what else God can do.  Realizing the burden of a building, we also realize the joy in opportunity that will enable us to do for a greater growth."

The church has grown to include up to 50 members on most Sundays. And John and Bernice are convinced the new location will allow Liberty Church to be the light for the community they had hoped it would become when they first started.

The Colegrove's started Liberty Church in Charlotte about fifteen years ago as a daughter work to the Liberty Church of Grand Ledge. At first the couple held services in their home. Needing to find an actual location to grow their congregation, they found the Charlotte VFW post, 2406, which advertised their hall for rent.

For a year Liberty Church rented the hall each Sunday for $25 per service. As the relationship with the post grew, the Colegrove's began to perform cleaning, and maintenance work, around the post in exchange for use of the hall for Sunday afternoon services.

Liberty Church, a Pentecostal church, is Bible based and led by John, a pastor for the past 38 years, and Bernice. The two graduated from Texas Bible College in Houston, Texas. John received his degree in Theology and Bernice a degree in Religious Education.